Valve body identification

Please find below the information about the valve body identification of AW55-50SN.

The early versions of the AW55-50SN valve body will have no casting stamp or an “A” casting stamp. The late version of the AW55-50SN valve body will have a “B” or “C” casting stamp. Please see blue arrow for the location of the casting stamp.

S2 solenoid
The S2 solenoid will have a domed top in the GM-versions (left image) and a flat top with 4 ribs in the V-versions (right image). Please see green arrow above for the location of the S2 solenoid.

Important identification information:
In model years 2005 & up, this valve body may have a spring under the B5 control valve. To obtain the correct valve body for your application, please check the vehicle production date. Check for presence of spring before ordering, see orange arrow above for the location of the spring!

AW55-50SN Early (Opel, Saab)
VMR part number –    AW55-GME

AW55-50SN Late (Opel, Saab) – without B5 spring
VMR part number –    AW55-GML

AW55-50SN 2005-up (Opel, Saab) – with B5 spring)
VMR part number –    AW55-GMLSP

AW55-50SN Early (Volvo)
VMR part number –    AW55-VE

AW55-50SN Late (Volvo) – No B5 spring
VMR part number –    AW55-VL

AW55-50SN 2005-up(Captiva, Renault, Volvo – With B5 spring)
VMR part number –    AW55-VLSP


Technical information

Torque Valve Body bolts to 10 Newton-meter.



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