Valve Body identification

Please find below the information about the Valve Body Identification of 09G / TF60 SN (Aisin Warner 6 Speed).


There are (4) styles of 09G/K valve bodies that have large (1” diameter) linear solenoid cans and (2) styles with small (¾“ diameter) linear solenoid cans. Design vary based upon location of the cooler and whether or not the valve body has pressure switches. The cooler is either mounted on top of the bell housing or the case will have cooler line fittings for a remote cooler.

Model produced through June of 2004 will have pressure switches. Models produced beginning in July of 2004 will not have pressure switches. See blue arrows above for locations of switches. Please note: The switches have nothing to do with the cooler location.

Important note:
Accurate valve body identification is crucial! Styles do not interchange! Installing the wrong valve body will result in a lack of lubrication to the gear train causing catastrophic failure! To correctly identify this valve bod, you must determine whether or not you have large or small can linear solenoids, the location of the cooler, and whether or not your require pressure switches!

09G/TF60SN small solenoids (07-2004 & up, case cooler without Switches)
VMR part number –     VAG09G-LS



Technical information

Torque Valve Body bolts to 10 Newton-meter.



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